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After being reminded at my Undergraduate graduation party (May 2021) that my name means "defender of men", Generations Excel made its debut. 
Generations Excel is an embodiment of how much I desire to defend the Black and minority communities of San Antonio against poverty and indebtedness and equip them with the mindset and means to create generational wealth and embrace positive decision making. As the product of generational wealth, I have learned many principles so far in my 24 years of life that I know other youth and young adults can benefit from. 
I have learned the value of financial freedom, ownership and investments into our future. I learned how important it is to turn your passion into profit and to never forsake your dreams. I have learned that being a Young, Black Christian woman has its challenges, but my God is bigger than any challenge, stereotype, situation or prejudice! These are some principles and mindsets I wish to encourage the youth to take on. Mindsets that empower and persevere through the hardest of trials.

As I go about my own journey. I believe in transparency, and I believe in the old saying "Each one, Teah one". I hope that each and every one I come across in my life sees Generations Excel as a chance to beat the odds and change a generation. 

-Alexandria "Alex" Garcia 

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